Past Browsing Activities

In some cases, visited sites may show surprising data concerning your workers and what they are involved in online. You can understand their internet use better. Do they browse the internet instead of working? All this will be in your hands. Your children may also be involving themselves in unwanted sites that may harm their behavior. By checking out their browsing history, you will be on the top, and able to stop any risk that may be forthcoming.


Appmia came up with this application to become your most trusted assistance in tracking down the visited sites of a targeted mobile device. This amazing application will enable you to:

spy browsing history
  • Get the full examination of the visited site by the targeted device user
  • Get an assessment of all online data opened via the targeted device
  • Make a counting on the number of times a certain site was visited
  • Get the actual timing and day the site was visited
  • Have all the information on your PC with or without the internet in form of a worksheet by hitting the download
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