How to Spy on My Husband’s Calls with My Cell Phone for Free

How to Spy on My Husband’s Calls with My Cell Phone for Free

If you suspect that your husband is not honest with you, you may be wondering how to spy on husband’s cell phone for free. Here is a solution that will either reveal the truth or dispel your mistrust. The only thing required from you is to his cell phone for a couple minutes and you could spy on him without ever touching his phone again.

Once you get his cell phone, visit the official website of Appmia, a husband spy application. After you purchase this program you will get a link for download. Once you have it, the app has to be installed onto your husband’s smartphone. Make sure your husband doesn’t isn’t aware that you have installed this app onto his cell phone. When the installation is finished, the app will do all the necessary adjustments and there will be no need to take his cell phone to check his messages or calls.

The program is available for Android users, but if your husband uses an iPhone, you will have to perform a procedure called “jailbreak” on it first because the app is not available in Apple’s App Store.

Husband Spy. What opportunities you receive using Appmia?

Now, when the installation process is completed, let’s take a closer look at the available features of this husband spy app.

  1. Check All Calls
    Now you can finally get to know who calls your husband and vice versa. You will receive detailed information about all calls, their duration, time and the phone number. It is also possible to set a predefined phone number and once your husband makes a call to this number or this number calls your husband, you will receive a notification. In addition, you can also record phone conversations. So, if you husband is really cheating on you, he won’t be able to deny it anymore.
  2. Monitor Text Messages
    You can easily read all incoming and outgoing texts and even those that were deleted. You also have an opportunity to receive notifications if your husband receives or sends messages to a predefined phone number.
  3. Area Tracking Feature
    This feature allows you to monitor your husband’s current area location. So, you will always know whether your husband is really in the office or in some other place where he is expected to be.
  4. Check Browsing History
    You can check all websites that your husband visits using his smartphone. Even if he cleans browsing history, you will receive information about all web addresses.
  5. Read Immediate Messages
    Today messaging services have become very popular and many people prefer to use them for chatting. If your husband has Viber, iMessage, Skype or any other similar messaging service, you can track them too. Check all messages on WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, MySpace or Facebook and get to see each chat in details.
  6. Monitor Address Book and Work Schedule
    Track every step that your husband plans to do. You will know everything about his daily schedule as well as all phone numbers that he adds to his address book.
  7. Spy on Husband’s Surrounding
    The Appmia app uses Smartphone’s microphone to record the surrounding sounds. So, if your husband has a late suspicious meeting with a client you will know what they are talking about.
  8. Check All Videos and Photos Made by Your Husband
    With this feature it is possible to view any photos or videos made with your husband’s mobile phone. Every time your husband takes a new photo you will receive it to your account. So, even if he deletes it afterwards, the photo will be still available for you.
  9. Distant Control
    You can manage the data on the phone distantly. You can delete any file you want or block the access to the device. So, if the phone is either lost or stolen, you should not worry about the files stored on the phone.
  10. Special Offer
    This is not one of the features, but you will find it very handy. There is an option of installing Appmia absolutely free of charge for 48 hours, so you will get a chance to spy on husband’s cell phone for free. You will receive full access to all features and can test them by yourself, so that you can make a final decision based on your own experience. As you can see, you will not have to pay anything if you are not sure that this program will suit you.

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