How to Spy on a Cheating Husband via Mobile Spy App for Free

How to Spy on a Cheating Husband via Mobile Spy App for Free

Your husband can’t put down his phone and refuses to tell you with whom he has long conversations? He chats for hours using his smartphone’s applications, but he assures you that he talks with his friends? Why not find out whether your suspicions have any ground? There is a solution that will arm you with tools to monitor your beloved’s communication and he will never suspect that you have been reading all his messages. You will receive total control over his cell phone and ability to monitor every step he makes.

To get this working, you only need to follow three simple steps. First step would be visiting Appmia official website. Second step is to click the download link to get the app. Third step is to install the application onto your husband’s smartphone. Now you are equipped with everything necessary to discover whether you have a cheating husband.

This app works on Android devices. If your husband has iOS operation system, you need to jailbreak his iPhone first because this application is not available in App Store.

How to Spy on a Cheating Husband for Free?

You have a unique opportunity to spy on your second half without paying any money. Appmia app is absolutely free during the first 48 hours. It’s a wonderful chance to test an application and figure out whether your husband has got a lover. Two days should be enough to find out about any secret chats or meetings. If you want continue spying you should purchase the app on the official website.

Features You Will Receive


1. Track current GPS location

You will know now for sure where your man is. Due to this feature you will receive information about the actual whereabouts of your husband. So, for instance, if he tells you that he is stuck on the road on his way home, you can always get the proof if it really is so.

2. Check text messages

Due to this feature all messages on the cell phone become accessible for you. If your man has some secret friend with whom he always chats, you will know about it, even if he deletes messages.


3. Track phone calls

You will receive detailed information about all calls both received and sent. This feature reveals the phone number, the duration and time of the call and you can even record the call. So, if your husband has been trying to fool you, you will get enough proof to expose him.

4. Monitor Browser History

If your husband visits some online dating website, it will not stay hidden from you. Due to this feature you can monitor his browser history and see all websites that he visits.

5. Control calendar and contacts

You will know the full list of the phone contacts on your partner’s cell, including information about the last calls. You also receive an opportunity to check all events in his cell phone’s calendar.


6. Spy on messaging services
If your cheating husband uses messaging services like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp or social networks like Facebook and Twitter, you can track them too. With Appmia you can examine your husband’s activity on all mentioned messaging services and even read his messages in social networks.

7. Record his Surrounding

You can record your husband’s surrounding. This feature uses his microphone as a bug, so you can hear everything that happens near your husband.

8. Check Media Files

This feature provides an opportunity to view any photos or videos that your husband saves on his smartphone. You also receive access to those photos that he makes using his phone camera. All these files can be viewed in your personal account.

9. Receive Remote Control


This feature will give you an opportunity to control the phone remotely. You can swap any file you want or block the phone completely.

For You to Decide

If you are really convinced about your husband having an affair, but you lack the knowledge of how to spy on a cheating husband, this app will provide all the answers. It is an easy solution to find the truth and not to ruin the relationship and your family with it in case your suspicions turn out to be groundless. So, if you cannot speak directly with your husband about his late meetings and you want to prove your suspicions, install Appmia onto his mobile phone. It is for you decide whether you want to continue living the life of uncertainty and distrust with a cheating husband or finally discover the truth once for all.

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