Sms tracker free download mobile spy

Sms tracker free download mobile spy

Spying on someone may be so exhausted. You have to follow the target person, check his or her cell phone, while he\she is washing in the shower. Besides, you will live in constant fear, that someday you will be exposed. Is it obvious to say that the quality of such spying will be very low? So what’s the point to do it without insurance of doing good job and getting the truth?

That’s why free sms tracker exists. It is a kind of special software which allows spying someone else’s texts in a hastily manner without a fear to be caught. Look at Appmia. This application is quite popular among people because of its comfort interface and productive work.

What kind of tasks do this free sms tracker meets?

  • monitor your staff activity.
    People, who run small or large business, aspire to reach the highest results. They do their job day and night, live their corporate life, and want own employees to be self consistent and honest. But unfortunately not everyone deserves to be honored. To control your employees’ corporate cell phone you need free sms tracker;
  • take care of your children.
    Don’t you know how dangerous can be the age between 8 and 18 years? The child faces with new troubles, bad people, and jealous classmates. These people want to be the best no matter what, so they can use your child to reach this stage of life. Appmia will monitor her or his sms activity and prevent lots of problems.
  • spy on your beloved.
    It is directly that you have doubts about own wife or husband. But it’s much better to hold situation in own hands and be sure that no important thing will come across you.

Here is the list of its features:


  1. Tracking the target person location. This application uses the GPS inside any cell phone and sends the location to you. It’s a great feature to monitor children.
  2. Listening to calls. Now you shouldn’t wait till someone calls your target person and you can listen their talk. It becomes available thank to call recording feature.
  3. Saving texts and emails. Most people still use this kind of communication, so you shouldn’t miss it.
  4. Viewing Internet activity. If you have children it is additional instrument to protect them from bad influence after blocking software. This feature allows checking history and downloaded files even if they were deleted.
  5. Spying on instant messages. Popular programs such as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, etc are totally free comparing to common sms messengers, that’s why people usually prefer this kind of communication among texts and calls.
  6. Having a remote control of the target device. Do you need to uninstall a program or to send email from target device? Then this feature will be very useful.

Appmia can monitor the following applications:

  • common messengers for cell phones using Google Android and iPhone 4;
  • special Apple application iMessages (for iPhone 4).

Appmia is a cool free sms tracker, because:

  • it costs only $19.99 per month. It’s a small fee for the large variety of its features;
  • you will have your money back if software won’t satisfy your needs;
  • it has a simple interface, where you can easily find a feature you need;
  • the target person will never find this program on own cell phone, because it has a hidden feature and consumes less power.

So buy this free sms tracker and estimate all its advantages as lots of people have already done. You will be surprised with additional features which are also available for you only for $19.99!

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Get your Appmia license today and track all the activities from the target device: call logs, messengers, media files, location tracking. Just install the app to the target phone and monitor your children or employees.