Skype Spy

Most popular social media on the phone is the Skype. It entertains and assists in socializing and eases work, but the intended good use can fall in the bad hands. It can either be your kids or workers who might end up using this app wrongly. It’s your right as an employer or parent to monitor what is taking place in the social media when in use by the mentioned group. This might come in handy when the need comes to stop what can be harmful to your kids or company.


Our Skype spying application would come in as an aide in monitoring the Skype chats of your kids and workers. You will be able to read incoming and outgoing conversations, which take place through chats on the target device. It is essential if you are watching your children or employees. Skype spy tools of Appmia will gather all data for you - content and accurate time of messages, Skype account data of receiver and sender. Thus you will be well-informed day-to-night with our Skype monitoring tool.

What are you worried about? Let us know and we shall give you a definite solution for your problem with spy Skype. Our skype spying application comes with the following provisions:

skype spy
  • Reveals all Skype conversations with an inclusion of contact details, the timing and when exactly that took time
  • Get all addresses on Skype tracker
  • Logging data from Skype can be accessed with the dating and timing
  • Can monitor all the documents received or sent via Appmia Skype tracker
  • The ability to get all this information with or without internet connectivity, and the result can be saved on a computer in form of worksheet
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