Record Surroundings

Appmia provides a set of essential recording facilities of the intended phone whenever you need. Your Appmia can help you to:

  • Record adjacent area of the intended phone anytime.
  • Simply send an easy text message or conduct recording by using the control panel of the Appmia remotely.
  • Listen to the recorded sounds directly from the control panel of the Appmia or you can download the same to your PC.
  • All the recorded files are uploaded to the memory of your Appmia online that you can use with an internet connection from anywhere.
record surroundings

Why Do You Need This Feature?

Do you guess your children are lying about their movements and activities? Do you wish to track them every time they have fun with friends? Are you eager to ensure that your staff is not engaged in any unethical activities? Do you want to track their smartphones? Appmia facilitates you to preserve all calls through recording everything happening around the target points. This way, you can get what you want including the facts in the recorded audio format.

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