How to counter online harassment bullying

Possible Internet Dangers: How to counter online harassment

Online harassment especially on children has rapidly increased. The victims of this type of harassment do not report in many situations. This problem has resulted in some cases into loss of life and numerous psychological problems on our young ones.

Social media bullying

Not a very long time ago, children used their free times to play with physical toys. But currently the trend has changed and the internet is the in thing. A mobile device with connectivity can be used for gaming or even socializing. This is where our children join the popular social Medias without our knowledge. This should be discouraged by their parents who should be a step ahead in knowing what their children activities online are by having the Parental Monitoring Application installed on their kids mobile devices.

What’s all this about?

Social Medias are increasing in popularity day in day out. Teens are highly obsessed by them. That’s why they fall prey to internet bullying by being targeted by all sought of bullies especially on the social Medias. Internet bullying may include:
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  • Making use of images, video clips or virtual gifts to annoy or make fun of the other user
  • Posting of bad comments about
  • Posting insulting and abusive images or posts on a victims wall

Social Media bullying is just the same with the physical one, the only difference is that one takes place virtually.

Facebook Bullying

Most cyber bullying takes place on Face Book. An astonishing 89% of all teens on this Social Media platform reported to have suffered cyber bullying!

Why online bullying?

It’s easier to bully someone virtually than physically. Most bullies feel safe carrying out their activities online as opposed to physically where you face your opponent.

How to deal with social media bullying?

The best way to conquer social media bullying is to take care of your private settings. Make sure that your children have set their privacy in a way that no stranger can get access to the details. Secondly avoid becoming friends with people who do not use their real images on the social media. They can also:

  • Avoid the messages and postings from bullies
  • Get rid of friends with negative online behaviors
  • Blacklist bullies

Characteristics of social media bullying

Except teaching children how to resist against social bullying, parents have to pay more attention to them and to notice the signs of bullying at once. Some of them are:

  • No longer interested in normal activities
  • Keeping a distance from friends and family members
  • Having no interest in hobbies as they used to
  • Spending a long time in bed
  • Inability to eat

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A parent has a very important role to play as far as the safety of their children is concerned. Social Media bullying can be avoided if a parent uses the Parental Mobile Phone Monitoring Application on their children mobile devices. One has the ability to stop potential bullies and also get timely updates about their child’s online activities.

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