Image shooting with a mobile phone or related device is a perfect way of developing skills and also in preservation of good times for a long time. But this can be misused by either kids who might involve in shooting of illicit pictures or employees who might use them to give out important business information to rivals. Hence for this factor, it is essential to monitor closely all the image present on their phones to avert a possible danger.


This application that we have come up with is famed by its high end ability to deal with any security barrier that may come on the way of having an access to the images of a targeted mobile phone device. It gives out the following preventive measures:

  • Reviews all the images created and kept on the targeted cell phone
  • Transfers any picture one may need to have a closer look at from the cell phone to the computer
  • Performs timing and day tracking of the images shot by the targeted mobile device
  • Makes one have a look at the data got on the computer without the access to internet by exporting them in a worksheet formation and saving on the computer
  • Making the use of small images and image sliding shows to give a careful examination of the images in a conveniently
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