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Have you ever noted why your children keep their mobile devices away from you? Have you ever tried to call your kids and found out that they have no time for you but are fully engrossed on their cell phones? Have you ever thought of monitoring what your children are up to on their mobile phones? You don’t need to worry any more. We have the best application presently on the market to help you in tracking all activities that your children indulge in on their mobile phones!

You Should Know Exactly What Your Kids Their Smartphones

Do you notice your kids trying to hide their mobile activities from you? Do you attempt to distract your kids from their mobile gadgets and fail? Do you wish you had control over your kids’ mobile phones? Waiting for a parental control software? We’ve got just the one for you! It is Appmia!

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What can you gain from buying Appmia child tracker?

Appmia parental control software is a highly secured cell phone surveillance app that enables you to monitor all the activities carried out on your child’s mobile phone devices that use iOS, and Android platforms. It’s a very basic parental control app to install on a targeted cell phone. And all the information from the target mobile device is very easy to view, plus the information can be transferred to your PC and you will have all the time to have a closer look at them. Remember that you will carry out all your spying activities without the knowledge of the targeted mobile phone user. They will NEVER make a guessing of your child tracker activities.

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Location Monitoring

Should want to locate where your children at any given time, then it’s very simple. You will get to know whether they are at school or other places that you might not want them to be at the given time. By using Appmia parental control GPS navigation selection their location will be noted by you. This child tracker app simplifies the browsing of the location that your children are at any given time.

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Mobile Phone Activity Tracking

Might you be in the need of getting the data of your children mobile phone activities? Our application will ease all this process and also you will have the capability of monitoring all calls to or from their cell phones including short messages, electronic mails, chatting activities, web bookmarking, past online activities. Our parental control app will give you an upper hand as far as all this is concerned.

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Triggers Configurations

Our application gives you an important featuring that enables you to give a definition to triggers (words, word combination, contacts, plus it will make you receive all the updates and notifications) you will have your own web based control panel to make use of during the tracking process. The control panel (operating under given principles) will provide you with all the necessary notifications should a trigger comes up. This will enable you to have all the activities that your children carry out on their cell phones. The triggers will be reported to you via Short messages and emails.

What features do i get with Appmia?

  • Spy on SMS messages
    & instant messengers
  • Read sent/receive emails
    & email contacts list
  • View GPS location
    & look at location history
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