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Invisible Sms Tracker For Cell Phone

Loyalty of your employees and dear people is the cornerstone of building fruitful and reliable relationships. Therefore, if you are not sure about the trustworthiness of people in your absence, it is better to have a glimpse into their daily routine. It can be done by tracking their mobile device activities and getting the necessary proof of their behavioral patterns.

If you don’t know how to monitor a given person, try Appmia. This top-of-the-line software is winning leading positions in the market. In contrast to other software, the program ensures the best price-quality ratio. Therefore, you can be sure that you do not pour your money down the drain when selecting this invisible sms tracker for cellphone tracking app free.
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  • Read short text messages
  • Track on well-known messengers for iOS and Android-based mobile phones
  • Backup the acquired files with the help of web-page coding, CVS or PDF converters.


  • Location tracking. The software features a powerful GPS system that allows tracking any mobile phone. Trace the location of your spouse/employee by using the precise map incorporated in the system.
  • Keeping your finger on the pulse. You will be notified about the most recent discussions and interactions, in which a person in question has taken part (Google and Apple phone models).
  • Checking call logs. All the phone history can be checked with Appmia.
  • Putting a limit on the number of cellphone calls received. Restrict the amount of calls by using this specific feature.
  • Getting valuable information out of text messages. Check inbox and sent SMS to obtain the needed facts.
  • Keylogging. Appmia is one of the first software suppliers offering this characteristic. You can track virtually every move taken by a cell phone owner.
  • Online access. All the data you get from the log history is available online, so you need a laptop and the internet connection to access it.
  • Excellent reputation. The quality of the software is so high that anyone who can prove otherwise will get a 10-time money back compensation.
  • Staying updated about the agenda. It is possible to see the list of all the planned activities, i.e. meetings, trips, memos, etc.
  • Checking e-mail. Reading incoming and sent emails can’t be any easier.
  • Learning about the internet usage: viewing search history, bookmarked pages, blocking websites
  • Reading messages received via WhatsApp, Skype, FB, Viber and iMessage
  • Bugging. Appmia aids you to save information regarding the history and background of the device activities.
  • Remote device control. Gadget wipeout, control and obstruction are just a few features that can be handled easily.
  • Minimal visibility. Low power consumption.
  • Protection. The secrecy of spying is guaranteed.
  • Convenience. Supports major smartphone brands, i.e. Apple, Samsung, Google, etc.

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The above-listed features are part of the premium package that costs only $19.99/ month. This price is surely affordable, especially taking into account how much important data you can get with the help of it. To see whether Appmia meets your needs, check 48-hour trial for this invisible sms tracker for cell phone spy app free.

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