Incoming calls blocking

Incoming calls blockage. Don’t be amazed by the fact that some incoming calls need to be blocked. For example, a rival company seeking some important information about your company might direct the call to your worker. Failing to stop such a call may result in a loss of your company information. On the other hand, your kid might be receiving calls from a bad company or a person that you might find not fit to have a conversation with. Stopping such a call can be very good for them. We have the solution for you to be able to block an incoming call either on your children’s or workers’ cell phones.


Our advanced yet simple to use application will be very helpful in efforts to block all incoming calls that you may deem to be risky for your either company or family. It can do this by:

incoming calls blocking
  • Getting a complete blockage of all unwanted incoming calls including the private numbers that have the caller ID
  • Recording of calls trials from the already blocked ones
  • Make a review of all stored data concerning the blocked numbers and you will get all this info in your control panel any time you need to
  • Have a look at the obtained data on your computer with or without the internet connection in form of a spreadsheet download
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