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How To Track Someone’s Text Messages For Free

There’s a lot to gain from monitoring on someone’s mobile device: you verify the trust in your relationship and make sure your partner or spouse is completely honest with you. Of course, there are certain risks in monitoring a spouse’s smartphone, but without these risks, you will never be able to tell if that person can be fully trusted, especially at times when you’re not around and need to know whether they are hiding anything.
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Tracking software can be found online in dozens of different varieties, but not all of these apps can be fully trusted. When you pay money for a service, you should expect all of your needs to be met, and that’s exactly what our product is ready to offer to you.


  • Track text messages (SMS) sent from and to an Android or iOS phone
  • Track down messages exchanged through iMessages iPhone app
  • Transfer the intercepted texts to a PDF, CSV or HTML file for further use


  • Track the location and trajectory of the target user, plus monitor his movements in real time using the positioning system equipped with a road map
  • Record cellphone conversations and store them to be able to access them at any time (works on both iPhone and Android devices)
  • Monitor contacts and cellphone calls with the exact time, number and duration of the call
  • Restrict or limit incoming either all phone calls or phone calls from a certain number
  • Check text messages sent from or received by a target device – checking SMS has never been more accessible
  • Check out the keylogging feature that will let you track down everything the target user types or presses on his mobile device
  • Access a wide variety of features directly from your computer using the understandable and useful interface
  • 100% trustworthy service – get your money back within 10 days
  • Appointments, calendar, meetings, notes, memos are only a few clicks away from you – get full access to the target user’s work schedule
  • Intercept emails exchanged using the target device
  • Track down the internet use with the help of visited addresses and bookmarked pages information; you can also restrict access to some websites
  • Read texts exchanged through the most widespread texting apps: iMessage, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook.
  • Record the area around the target smartphone at any given time by using the phone as a bugging device
  • Unnoticeable software – there are no signs of the target phone being spied on, so your target user will never find out
  • Software works equally well with all kinds of Android and Apple devices and is compatible with all cell phone carriers available at the moment

Find out the truth NOW
Obviously, you won’t find this kind of functionality for free, so it makes sense for this software to be distributed for a moderate price, but once you use the app and try all of its benefits yourself, you’ll know that this is the software worth paying for.

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Get your Appmia license today and track all the activities from the target device: call logs, messengers, media files, location tracking. Just install the app to the target phone and monitor your children or employees.