Spy Gmail

Making sure that your family and company are in good hands as far as security is concerned as a very vital thing. Moreover, what it takes to attain this is least important. Getting hold of Google email account of workers or kids can be of very great assistance in getting to understand what each group has up their sleeves. It’s easy for example to understand your employee’s behavior if you’re able to read their Gmail emails beforehand. Should they be sending vital business info to the competition? Then it would be easy to capture them before the damage is done. When the occasion to do this is at hand, then get our most advanced monitoring software Gmail spy, and your job will be half done.


The software spying solution that we have come up with will greatly help you in achieving your Gmail monitoring activity. Gmail tracker application has the capability of tracking both emails that have been received or sent. The spying software is capable of:

gmail spy
  • Keeping the counting of the Gmail tracker for both incoming and outgoing messages, including draft copies and spam on the targeted mobile phone device
  • Getting an access to music and video folders sent or received via Google mail
  • Examining all the address book on Google emails plus the history of the owners
  • Performing timing and daily recording of all Gmail tracker activities of the targeted cell phone
  • Making you have a look at all the information from the tracking of the Gmail account without connectivity on your computer through a worksheet download
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