Free sms tracker for iPhone 5

Free sms tracker for iPhone 5

In case if you are in the deep water and you don’t trust someone in your life, you try to find the ways to get the information you are interested in. One of the ways is to monitor the target person’s SMS message. However, it is rather difficult as no one is going just to show his/her messages to you. So, you are to look for another way.

One of the best options is the monitoring software named Appmia – well known application for the smartphones. Appmia allows you to track all the text messages on the smartphone: sent, received or even deleted.

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Free sms tracker for iphone 5

  • Appmia can be used for spying on different texts on Android
  • It also gives the possibility to track iMessages and other Pdf/CVS/HTML files

Free sms tracker for iphone 5 and other characteristics of Appmia:

  • Track of GPS location. The application gives the chance to monitor the location of the target device and to see the whole route.
  • On the smartphones with Android and iOS it will be possible to listen to all th conversations that happened on the target cellphone.
  • One can easily see the history of calls and phone logs.
  • You will be given the chance to reduce any number of inbound calls to the target phone.
  • Using Appmia you will easily read any SMS message of the target device (both sent and received)
  • Any information typed on the goal phone will be available to you because of the Keylogger
  • The developers guarantee money refund during 10 working days
  • You will be shown all the actions scheduled in the calendar.
  • The ability to read all the sent and received email messages
  • View and track the Internet activity with the help of web history
  • Read all the instant messages – skype, Viber, iMessages, FB etc.
  • Live listening and recording of all the surrounding sounds.
  • Teleguidance – the ability to manage the information on the target phone
  • The application can be never detected
  • Appmia application can be used with all the smartphone brands and perfectly works with Android or iOS.

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The monthly price is just $19.99 and paying it you get all the premium features. Therefore, it appears that the price is more than reasonable comparing with other spy software.

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Get your Appmia license today and track all the activities from the target device: call logs, messengers, media files, location tracking. Just install the app to the target phone and monitor your children or employees.