What’s the use of this application and its features?

Our application is a unique, highly functioning and simple to utilize. It has compatibility with Apple and Android mobile phone devices. Its performance is very secretive hence the user of the targeted mobile phone would not have a clue on your surveillance activities. It sends all the necessary information to your computer so long as it has connectivity. We have a demonstration that will enable one to check out its functionality before buying it.

Why should I buy or make use of the app?

When you are in desperation to get informed on how your workers or children are making use of their cell phones, wanting to learn about their activities and if they pose a potential danger to them or your business, then you will definitely need to acquire this application to assist you in the process.

Is the app secretive?

Indeed, the user of the mobile device you are targeting will not have any clue of your surveillance activities. The application will not appear on their cell phone anywhere.

How do I find out the suitability of the app on the cell phone I wish to target?

We have a page set up for checking this out. Our app has been used by thousands hence a proof that it works. It actually works on multiple platforms including iOS and Android.

How do I know if the software will work the way I want it to?

Check out our testimonies from thousands of clients who have made use of this app. We have built a reputation all over concerning the functionality of our software.

Is the application fit for my needs?

Go through the testimonies given about this great product and find out for yourself how our clients have made use of the application. This app comes in handy in checking out if your workers are making out the best in their working hours or your children are involved in any dangerous activities that can be stopped in time.

Is your software reliable?

Every customer is different, all those who have made use of our application have really enjoyed the great support we give them and have reported back about the success they have achieved through using our surveillance app. But should you find any problem with our software, and then we will definitely give your money back.

Where should I get help when I need assistance?

We always have our support online via our chat function. If not feel free to contact us anytime and we guarantee respond as quickly as possible.

In case I need to change my cell phone will my licensing still be applicable?

Indeed, so long as your plan is still active, all you will need to do is to make a contact with our technical support and you’ll be assisted in the migration process.

Should my gadget break, can I change the licensing to the other device?

Definitely, if this happens, you will just need to make a contact with our technical support and they will help you shift to the new device.

Aren’t the subscription plans too expensive?

First of all, the app costs less than your daily coffee and croissant, and second, in comparison to other available spying methods like hiring a private detective or purchasing special surveillance devices the app costs less than nothing!

What is the purchasing process?

It is the simplest thing ever. Find one of the multiple Buy now buttons on the website, hit it and follow the guidelines. It will only take you a couple of minutes but you’ll get an excellent app and customer support in exchange. See more in the How to Buy the Software section.

How can I pay?

You are free to choose a payment option that is most convenient for you. Opt for PayPal, credit cards like American Express, VISA, MasterCard, or Wire Transfer.

Will the name of your software be presented on my credit card statement after the payment is completed?<

No, the software name will not be visible anywhere in statements or bills.

What do I do next after paying for the software?

After the payment transaction is verified, you will immediately receive an email from our company, which will provide you with info about your account and login details, activation procedure and installation guidelines. Follow them and start monitoring the target device in no time at all. You will also receive a paid bill notification from our partner’s payment system but it will be delivered to your personal email only, the data about payment with our company name will not be visible anywhere else.

How about refunds?

Follow this link and read about our Refund Policy in details.

Do I need special technical skills or assistance of a third party to install the app?

No, no and no. You need neither special skills nor somebody’s assistance. Just follow the guidelines in the email or visit the special “how to install” page. The installation process is much easier than you may imagine!

Do I have to access the target device physically to complete the installation process?

You will have to take the device in your hands one time in order to install the app. The rest of the monitoring process will not require any direct access to the device, everything will be managed remotely.

What should I do first to start monitoring the target phone?

After installation just log in to your personal account and here you are! Monitor the files and messages of the target phone. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to check our demo!

Is technical support included in your services?

Sure. Our customers’ support is available all round the clock every day of the year, so whenever you are in need, you will get the urgent and professional help.

I have paid the subscription plan fee, but I do not see the confirmation email with installation guidelines in my mailbox. What is wrong?

First of all check the spam folder or junk mail folder of your email account, because letters from unknown email addresses are sometimes automatically filtered and left in the mentioned folders. If the confirmation email is not there, write to our Customers’ Support Visit the Support page for more details.

Do I have to jailbreak my iPhone/iPad in order to install the app?

Yes, you will have to jailbreak any iOS device in order to install and operate the app. You may find many step-by-step guidelines to jailbreak your device on the Internet, so it will take very little time and efforts.

Do I have to root my smartphone/tablet in order to install the app?

No, you do not have to root the smartphone as the app will be installed without any hassle. But if you need to monitor Gmail or WhatsApp, you will have to root the phone.

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