Facebook Messenger Tracking

Facebook is one of the most useful tool globally for exchanging quick information and socializing for teens and employees alike. Its users have grown to slightly over a billion making it one of the best platforms for businesses. However, with a large number of users comes the pitfall. Teens make use of this app by doing what is not allowed like exchanging unwanted images and learning illicit habits like early sex and drug usage. Workers might also end up spending a lot of productive hours on the social network hence putting your company at a loss. This calls for a close monitoring of the activities of these two groups on the social network.


With our facebook spying application - facebook tracker, you will conduct Facebook messenger tracking of conversations and file exchange on mobile devices belonging to your kids or workers. Let us know of what worries you and we will provide you with a facebook spying application that will solve your problems. With this facebook spying software you can:

spy facebook
  • Go over or peruse all Facebook messenger conversations and take note of all the data including the day and timing
  • Gain an access to all Facebook messenger contact information with our facebook tracker
  • Take over Facebook messenger past recordings with the day and timing of all the happenings
  • Monitor all the documents exchanged via Facebook messenger
  • Glimpse the information on your PC without internet connection by just hitting on the download and the data is changed into worksheet which can be stored
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