Track phone location

Learning the truth about your kids or hired workers’ activities and chats is only a part of the solution, the second half is to track cell phone location where they are right now or what places they currently move to. If you need to know it any moment to avert some kind of threat from your close people or to prevent your company staff from breaching corporate policy it is high time to look closer at our application GPS phone tracker.


Do you need to find out the current location of your children or employees with a pin-point accuracy? Do you need to know how to track mobile location? Appmia GPS tracker can easily do that for you. Do you want to know exact places, which were visited by the one you are spying on? The GPS cell phone tracker with precise locations will be shown in your personal control panel. You can’t even imagine how easy and effective is Appmia when it comes to the GPS locating issue. Now you can track mobile phone location easy!

The app is purposefully crafted to match your need in good GPS spying tool, and while employing it you can with our phone GPS tracker:

spy location
  • Monitor with high precision their locations on a clear city map and know places which they like the most
  • Define “red line” segments on the offered map and receive signals when users of monitored devices trespass the limits of those segments
  • Review the information without obligatory access to GPS data network mobile GPS tracking
  • View the obtained data on your desktop independently of Internet access availability – just transform it into a spreadsheet and store it on your desktop
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