Common Challenges In Modern Parenting Caused By The Technology Boost

Common Challenges In Modern Parenting Caused By The Technology Boost

Nowadays the development of technologies with growing number of online and offline threats makes our life easier, but, at the same time, the task of being parents becomes more complicated. But, there are good news. The mobile apps can help parents to keep an eye on what their children are doing on the Internet without some special efforts or excessive costs.

What are parents worried about every day?

Every day after the children left for school or college, the parents start worrying about them because they can’t control everything. They don’t want them to get into trouble or to be snatched by someone. Parents get thousands of different scenarios in their heads. They are wondering about whom their children will meet, which way they will choose and what would happen to them on their way.

On every step there are potential dangers. While protecting the children from some of them (like car accidents) is impossible, the parents could keep them safe, at least, from drugs, alcohol, and other forms of abuse. Let’s have a closer look at some statistics concerning these dangers.


A few years ago, bullying could have been seen only on a form of name calling face-to-face and fist-fights. Nowadays there is even larger number of cyberbullying cases. Of course, this may not cause any physical damage, but psychological influence can be even more damaging. In spite of the fact that you may be a very attentive parent, this form of bullying can stay unnoticed. This, however, can be easily controlled via children’s messages and social media monitoring with help of an advanced spy software.


Drugs nowadays have also become a large-scale problem for many parents. Before, it was much easier to spot somebody who is developing the addiction to those harmful substances. But now drugs became more potent and can even cause serious problems after the first time use. Parents believe that having access to the child’s messages might help them to define the possible problem in advance and take prevention measures if needed.


In the teenage years, when hormones are behaving wildly and make even the smallest problems enormous, life can seem to leave no way of coping with it. In regards to this, the number of suicides among the teens is growing and this problem is becoming bigger. Because of bullying or confidence issues many young people decide that it is easier to take their own life than to deal with the existing problems. In most cases, having a person to turn for help at the lowest point might prevent a teenager from any irreversible actions and to save his or her life.

Monitoring the mobile phone with the help of special software might allow the parents to notice the signs pointing out that there are some problems with your child and that he/she is in need of help. In this way you will be able to discover if your child wasn’t bullied or abused, find out the thoughts he could share via blogging or even understand if he is looking for they ways to take his life.

Internet Abuse

Internet has definitely made our lives easier, but, like any other thing, it also has its dark side. On the Internet our children could easily find the materials that we would not like them to see, such as pornography, violence, bad language and other harmful content. The effect of such materials on impressionable children might be disastrous. Being responsible parents we have to take measures and make sure that these types of content are not accessed by our children. Find out the truth NOW

In many cases, parents choose to block, monitor and restrict the internet activity of their children in order to keep them psychologically and physically healthy.

However, there are numerous useful applications the parents might not be aware of and that could help them to protect their children. Such apps give a choice of a wide range of features that are offered in order to protect the ordinary citizens, their families and business. Some features include call recording, monitoring of the messages and emails, tracking geolocation and even more. You could get more information concerning available features by visiting the website


The life of every teenager cannot be simple! At this time, our children face more dangers as we did being of their age. For protecting our children from online threats and predators, cyberbullies or any other threats, we have to monitor their actions. In such situations the cell phone monitoring apps like Appmia are the best solutions.

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