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TxtWatcher parental control – general information and review

In the current review, a TxtWatcher parental control app is analyzed in terms of reporting, blocking and restricting content, managing security, and providing customer help.

TxtWatcher Parental Control – General Information and Review

This is a mobile monitoring app designed to follow calls, texts, online activity, and location of your child, which secures your family members and brings the sense of serenity.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The most obvious pros of using TxtWatcher parental control software are the following:
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  • Parents can review SMSs and call history.
  • They get access to information related to apps installed on the target device.

However, there are some cons significant for many users such as:

  • One of the highest prices on the market.
  • Cropped functionality that often does not meet the demand.

To sum up, TxtWatcher parental control application is overpriced, which means that you can easily find a much better solution and save about 50% of your cash. Our experts give TxtWatcher 4 points of 10 because this is not the level of protection your children deserve.

Either way, some users may find the app useful when they decide to keep track of the mobile device activities of their children without being actively involved. The vital thing is that this software is about monitoring mainly not ensuring online security, so you pay only for one set of features. In case you are also interested in online security, it is advised to give heed to other options.

TxtWatcher Review: Important Details

Parents consider that such software gets logs and reports about everything their children do on their devices, including incoming/outgoing calls and received/sent messages. The problem is that the target apparatus will notify its user about the notifications sent. This means that you hardly stay private, so the questions raise why you should pay for the service that you could get using a free app.

If you want also to track emails, browsing history, social media chat conversations, and contact details, you may stop reading this TxtWatcher review and start studying another one. Unfortunately, Geo-fencing and GPS location are also unavailable in this app. So, if you want to use this feature for finding the device in case it is lost, this is simply not possible – 2 points of 10 for reporting and logging features.

TxtWatcher is not a typical parental control software because you cannot block or limit websites with inappropriate content, suspicious contacts, and application installment. It looks like you are leaving your children do whatever they come up with on the Web which is dangerous and may lead to unwanted consequences. So, we cannot give any point to the app in the category ‘Limits & Restrictions’.

In this review, we can give 2.5 points for security and management features. The software allows monitoring the target apparatus remotely and getting some useful information no matter how limited it is. You cannot block a mobile phone nor find out that a SIM card was changed.
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One of the issues we faced is the app’s customer support, only 2 points of 10. You should write an email or fill in and submit a contact form on their official website and wait, wait, and wait. This is because the customer service works at certain hours during the weekdays.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Our experts identify TxtWatcher as a very expensive solution with a single purpose designed for parents. The balance functionality-price is terrible: you have to spend a lot for a poor functionality. The serious drawback is that you cannot block keywords, sites, and content that you consider inappropriate. Therefore, this app does not ensure the security of your kids in the dangerous world of the Internet


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