Invisible Sms Tracker For Iphone

As a great boss or a loving partner, there is one thing that you should avoid by all means: disloyalty. Hence, if your senses tell you to stay alert, you absolutely should trust them. Still, without a solid proof you cannot fire an employee trading the sensible corporate data nor divorce a cheating spouse. Therefore, it may be a good idea to spy on mobile phone activities of people you don’t trust. That’s when Appmia comes into play. Read more

Popular Apps Teenagers Use to Deal With Sexting

Today children follow the last technological trends in the world of mobile industry. If you take a phone of your kid you will probably see dozens of various applications. Some of them will seem familiar to you, but the majority of installed apps will still be new and unknown for parents who do not follow mobile applications closely. It doesn’t mean that all apps are bad. Some of them can be very useful for your kid at school or in everyday life. However, there are six apps that teens install primarily with one goal – teen sexting. Read more

The Growing Problem Of Mobile Addiction

Recently, the mobile marketing and analytics company called Flurry has developed a new definition for the concept of cellphone addiction. According to their idea, the mobile addict can be defined based on the number of times he launches different apps on his/her cell phone. Normally this number is about 60. Simon Khalaf, the executive of the company explains that in average the typical users open applications on their cell phones about 10 times, 6 times less than the addicted people do. Read more