Block apps. Most apps on cell phones are good when used appropriately and at the right time. If a gaming app does not interfere with your children studies or your employee’s production, then it’s okay. However, an app that does the opposite should be blocked as soon as possible to prevent your children wasting their study time or your workers spending their crucial working hours on it. If you need help in this, then our application will come in very handy.

Can I use the app to block different mobile apps?

The application that we have designed will be really helpful as far as passing through the secured walls of a mobile phone device and assist you in blocking the unnecessary apps on the targeted cell phone of your employees or children. With our app you will be able to:

block applications
  • Get a chance to block any use of an app wherever you are
  • Make a recording of all trials to make use of an app that you had blocked before
  • Have a look at the information gotten on your computer without the availability of internet connection through a worksheet download
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