Apps installed

Apps installed. Monitoring some applications is very essential while some can be totally time consuming and affect the productivity of your business. As far as it comes to your kids, some apps may cost a fortune and dig into the extra money you have set aside for more helpful spending. You totally control any apps through tracking of all the apps installed on your workers or children’s mobile phone devices. WHY IS CHANCE OF TRACKING INSTALLED APPS ESSENTIAL?

The software that we have designed is highly efficient in carrying out the tracking of apps present in the cell phones of either your children or workers. This software will:

  • Let you to check out the apps present and preview their features
  • Enable you to conduct the timing and day of all the apps on the targeted mobile device
  • Give you the ability to make a saving of all the apps on your PC and enable you to have a closer look at them and determine their relevancy
  • Help in giving you a spreadsheet copy download on your computer with or without internet connectivity
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