There are many definite causes of you staying in guard as far as those who are in contact with your kids or employees are concerned. There are multiple reasons why you have to be on alert about individuals your kids keep company with or about contacts your employees have in their address books, for the reason that they may decide to give vital data to your competitors, or maybe your kid is having an illicit affair online. For this to control, get our application and be on the top of information by getting a grip of the contact book on our monitoring software.


Our app will be your most faithful helper in secret and long lasting tracking of contact information on your children/workers’ cell phone. This is what our application will give you:

contact book spy
  • An access to all contact information available in the employees’ children’s cell phones
  • An inner look on the exact information including important celebrations (e.g. birthdays) work or electronic mail
  • The ability to have a look at the saved data on the contact book in an easy way on the tracking panel of your private account while you use any mobile phone device or computer
  • An access to all received information even where there is poor or lack of internet connection. The data will come to you through a worksheet format when the download is selected.
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