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iPhone Spy App

Do you need to be informed whether your workers use their corporate cellphones to leak the confidential information or just for personal ends? Are you steamed-up about your children and need something to track their cellphones activities stealthily? Do you need an empowering spy technology to track each and every iPhone activity as well as to identify fine location of a gadget at any given time? Actually, we have a perfect solution for you! Appmia is the very thing! It is a multifunctional mobile spy software tool. If you install Appmia on the targeted device, you will instantly get a confidential access to all data on the gadget. No matter whose iPhone you need to keep under surveillance: your children or employees, you will never be kept in the dark. Appmia offers a lot of really useful iPhone tracking and spy features. You will always be able to look through call logs (contacts, time and duration), all types of text messages including old and even deleted ones, uploaded images and video files. Browser history will be also available. You will get a full list of domains and subdomains viewed from the monitored cellphone. Text messaging in social media is no exception. You will never stay ignorant of any information you are interested in. You can look through all installed and running applications. There is more to come! It is also possible to uninstall the application or to lock iPhone remotely. This feature is very useful in case a gadget is stolen or just lost. In order to view all abovementioned data, you should register Appmia web account. Monitored information is uploaded to it, and you can view data whenever you will. Moreover, absolute confidentiality is guaranteed. An smartphone owner will never guess of being tracked.

iPhone Tracking Feature

With Appmia you can identify iPhone precise location. GPS coordinates are uploaded on a map within several minutes. There is a possibility to track routes for a given period of time. Having logged in to your Appmia account you can run GPS on command and identify a geographic location of device which is monitored. Appmia is the advanced GPS tracking and cellphone spy software which offers many useful spy features. It will help you to be always one step ahead.

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The Best iPhone Tracking Software

Appmia is a cutting-edge spy software package designed to track all iPhone activities no matter what model is used. The program is easy to install as well as operate. Having started Appmia on any targeted iPhone, you will get an opportunity to read and analyze all its information as well as track its current location. To get access to all monitored data, you should log in to Appmia account from any corner of the world with a PC or laptop and Internet connection. You will never be found out since this is a breakthrough program running absolutely stealthily.

What features do i get with Appmia?

  • Spy on SMS messages
    & instant messengers
  • Read sent/receive emails
    & email contacts list
  • View GPS location
    & look at location history
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Explore a few easy steps to follow for getting the best cell phone monitoring software.

Application Purchase

Choose the most convenient method of payment , it may be PayPal, American Express, VISA, MasterCard, or Wire Transfer.

Get Appmia

Get an app and install it on the phone you want to monitor. It will not take more than 3 minutes.

Monitor Data

Log into your Personal Account and monitor all activities on the monitored cell phone.

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