Block websites

Block sites. If you find that the controlling of web history is not enough for your surveillance, then you can try out our feature that blocks potential dangerous sites for your children e.g. porn sites, and those sites, that prevents your workers from being productive in your business by keeping them online instead of doing their work, e.g. gaming and gambling sites. With a single click, you can secretly block such sites. Just make use of our application. WHY IS THE CHANCE TO FULLY HAVE A BLOCKAGE OF UNNEEDED SITES VITAL?

The application designed by us has a famed reputation as an aid in defeating the secured walls of a targeted mobile device and blocking the sites, you find to be risky for either your family or business. With this application you can:

  • Get a chance to block a site remotely
  • Make a recording on all trials of browsing through the sites that you have already blocked
  • Have a look at the information gathered by the software on your computer with or without internet connectivity, that comes in form of a worksheet download
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